What's included?

12 Day Online Mind,Body & Soul refresh 
I’ll show you step-by-step how to release 2020 and step into the new year refreshed. You’ll discover why you binge and how to deal with overeating. 

Daily body, mind and soul tips to clear out the guilt from how you have been treating food and your body in cluding meditations, affirmations and so much more!! 


My name is Estelle Coombe-Heath, and exactly 2.5 years ago, I had started my binge eating recovery journey, binge eating at least every second day,  not trusting myself around food, what diet to follow, trying to eliminate all possible foods that would cause me to binge, getting no results. After 12 weeks of going all-in on ONE recovery protocol, showing up consistently & learning the psychology of how binge eating works and how to stop it, I created a full proof program of my own to help women do the same!

In the past year  I have helped 100ds of women heal their relationship with food through my Food Freedom Program as well as my binge and emotional eating community 

Since that first program, I have perfected and proven my process into a simple, step by step method that is here to help YOU overcome overeating in 30 days.

Because I KNOW you are here to finally break out of food prison, take your life back and heal your relationship with food. 

What others had to say ?

If you are feeling stuck and sick of staring into the empty box of pastries, ready to take a leap of faith and try something different, then this is your sign from the universe! 
But don’t just take it from me, hear what others have to say.

I’ve binged and been an emotional eater from as far back as o can remember. It was just a part of life.
Once I got diagnosed with two different diseases I knew that I had to somehow get out of this prison I created for myself surrounding food if I wanted to heal.

Stel gave me the love, courage, patience, understanding and tools I needed to overcome emotional and binge eating…something I didn’t think was going to be possible because I was so far into it.
She’s helped save my life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Stel for doing what you do and allowing me to be a small part of it.
Never stop empowering women to be there best selves!



What a difference I could write an essay I'm in control around food. I'm not scared to eat I have started enjoying my food again. my brain is rewiring and talking to me in terms of being full and when to eat my body is also talking to me


Soul coach, South Africa
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